The Pieces of Mind lab is currently looking for motivated students and postdocs to join in our research. Please contact Dr. Lescroart to inquire about positions in the lab!

Principal Investigator

Photograph of PI

Dr. Lescroart is an assistant professor in the Cognitive and Brain Sciences division of Psychology at UN Reno. He completed his Ph.D. with Irving Biederman at USC, and did postdoctoral research with Jack Gallant at UC Berkeley.
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Graduate Students

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Matthew Shinkle

Arnab Biswas

Joseph (Yu) Zhao

Undergraduate RAs

Tyler Twohig (’23, UNR, Information Systems and Accounting) 

Aksha Narasimhan (’23, UNR, Neuroscience) 

Lab Alumni (Undergrad)

Undergrad RA picture

Hunter Howe (’21, UNR, Neuroscience) 

Kaylie Capurro (’21, UNR, Neuroscience)

Undergrad RA picture

Alison Thornton (’20, UNR, Neuroscience)

Undergrad RA picture

Monica Martinez (’20, UNR, Neuroscience)

Photograph of Anna

Anna (’21, USC, Psychology)

Photograph of Thomas

Thomas (’21, UNR, Mechanical Engineering)


Jack Gallant, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley)

Tianjiao Zhang (UC Berkeley)

David Fouhey, Ph.D. (Michigan State University)

Past collaborators

Nancy Kanwisher (MIT)

Julie Golomb (Ohio State University)

Manabu Tanifuji (RIKEN, Wako, Japan)