Our lab publishes much of our finished code (and some of our working code) on github. Check out the following links for tools we have built or collaborated in building.

Please note that GitHub is a 3rd party web site. If you have any issues accessing any of the linked content, please contact the Pieces of Mind lab.

Lab github pages

Pieces of Mind Lab on GitHub: Watch this space for new lab code. Currently this repository contains code for generating fake data and git and a repository for teaching computational cognitive neuroscience.

VEDB on GitHub: This will be the place to find code to work with the Visual Experience Database we are currently developing!

Stimulus generation code

Blender Vision Project (bvp): a library of wrappers for Blender to help render 3D stimuli.

fMRI visualization code

pycortex: a library for visualizing fMRI results on the cortical surface. See the publication about this project here.

Image feature extraction code

Motion energy & Gabor filtering. This code computes the amount of motion energy at different locations, orientations, scales, and speeds. It can also compute static orientation contrast (i.e. simple Gabor filters). This code has been used in multiple papers, originally in Nishimoto et al 2011, and also in Stansbury et al 2013, Lescroart et al 2015, and Lescroart et al 2018.

Fourier power. This code computes the amount of power present at different orientations and spatial frequencies. This code was based on Rajimehr et al 2011 and Nasr & Tootell 2012, and was used in Lescroart et al 2015 and Lescroart & Gallant 2018

3D scene surfaces. This code computes features related to 3D scene structure from surface normal and distance images. This code was used to compute features for all the 3D structural models in Lescroart et al 2018